Monday, January 3, 2011

He's Not into you.

Three signs that a guy isn't into you

1. Communication... is the most important thing in any relationship. If phone calls are very few as well as texting, thats a warning sign. If a guy is into you seriously, nothing can keep him from geting in healthy contact with you. (Healthy contact: no once in a blue moon calls, phone tag or text, and or excessive calling. Though this may be a good sign that he's into you (to the extream..stalker) but I doubt you want a psycho who secretly and openly worships a shrine dedicated to I right)

2. Lay away you know if you are dating a guy and its been a year, hell years and theres no title, much less a ring on it- he's not into you.seriously. If he hasn't made up his mind now-things are going to continue to remain the same. Unless your comfortable with the path your on, don't find your self in this situation . I for one don't believe in layaway arrangements, he better sponsor upfront. No one will do anything you don't allow them to do. Allow a good man to love you instead.

3. Future Plans...Ladies I recommend you ask your boyfriend or SO where they see your relationship in the future. Now I'm not saying you ask this question the first week your dating, but IMO, the sooner the better. Seeing where your mates head is at in terms of the future is crucial. No one wants to be with someone who doesn't even see you with them longer then the next day (or night). Think ahead and save your self the time, heartache, and youth.

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